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All the Ways You Can Have a Great Holiday on Krk in 2020

Relaxation. Adventure. Beauty of nature. In 2020 Krk island awaits you with all that and more. Whether you like it quiet and calm, whether you want to be pampered, whether you wish to fill the days of your holiday with unique experiences and excitement, you can have it all. So, check out the ways you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest according to your preferences:

Active Holiday on Krk All Year Round

How to escape the autumn and winter gloom? By being active. How to best celebrate the awakening of spring? By being active. What is one of the best ways to get to know the diversity of landscapes on the island of Krk and wider? By being active! There’s more to Krk than being an excellent seaside holiday destination, so take a look at the ways you can add a special touch to your stay any time of the year:

Top 7 Things to Do with Kids on Krk

Krk for kids! Add infectious laughter, jaw-dropping experiences, genuine excitement to your stay on the island and savour memorable holiday moments for the whole family! Here are a few suggestions about keeping your kids entertained and curious: 

Visit Krk This Autumn for All the Right Reasons

Wouldn’t you just love to catch a few more sun rays before the cooler weather sets in? Wouldn’t it be great to get away with your darling or family for some quality time once more? Wouldn’t you like to see the sea once again and the stunning scenery in autumn? Don’t just daydream about it, make it happen on Krk island! Here are a few indisputable arguments: 

Why Krk Is a Top Destination for Visitors from All Over Europe

What makes Krk such an irresistible holiday destination? Apart from a bit of effort necessary to pronounce its name, the island gives you all you need for a smooth holiday from the moment you arrive and more, so much more. Here are all the right reasons to pick Croatia’s ‘golden island’ for a holiday to remember:
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