10 Fun Facts about Krk Island

Discover the treasure chest of interesting facts about Krk! The golden island, as it has been known since the Antiquity, has a great number of curiosities, making it all the more alluring for holidaymakers.

1. The largest … island

Or is it? Just a couple of years ago it was established that Krk is just as large as Cres. However, it is the most accessible and easily reachable island thanks to Krk Bridge, which had the largest concrete arch in the world when it was built in 1980.

2. Fun numbers

Seven is considered to be the island’s special number, since the Croatian people arrived in the 7th century, it successfully resisted pirate attacks on 7 occasions and 7 is the number of present day municipalities. Still, it is the number 15 and 2500 that illustrate what a great destination it is - the former refers to beaches and marinas with the Blue Flag status, the latter to annual sunshine.

3. Eco island

Krk is a true pioneer in ecology since it was the first one in Croatia to introduce a comprehensive waste management program. It keeps justifying the title of an eco island with its dedication to ecology and sustainable tourism.

4. Rich biodiversity

Home to Eurasian griffon and many other bird types, Krk is a great destination for birdwatchers, particularly in the ornithological reserve Kuntrep. Apart from birds and numerous reptiles and amphibians, as many as 1400 plant species can be found on the island.

5. Nature’s gifts

Besides beautiful seaside and diverse scenery, Krk has unique natural attractions. Not far from Njivice, visitors can admire fascinating formations in Biserujka cave and make use of healing mud in Klimno Bay.

6. Hiking and cycling paradise

One of the best ways to fully appreciate diversity of landscape on the island is to cycle or hike 300 km of trails. After all, Krk has pastureland and dry-stone walls, forests and rocks, coast, valleys and hills with amazing lookouts.

7. Home to Croatian nobility

Krk used to be the seat of the once mighty Frankopan family that ruled not only the island but various estates on the mainland as well. Their legacy is best preserved in the town of Krk.

8. Forefront of Croatian literacy

The majority of Glagolitic script monuments, a script used by Croatians for almost an entire millennium, were found precisely on Krk. Apart from Baška tablet, the most famous document of early Croatian literacy, other monuments were also found in Vrbnik, Omišalj, Dubašnica, Dobrinj and Glavotok.

9. Unique experiences

While being an excellent destination for a relaxing holiday, Krk also offers plenty of adrenaline. From zipline near Baška with breathtaking views to a walk on the seabed in the underwater park in Punat, adventure awaits you.

10. Exceptional cuisine

As a part of Kvarner cuisine, Krk island gastronomy offers delicious meals made with lamb meat, fish and seafood, locally grown vegetables and olive oil. It also adds unique elements such as traditional pasta šurlice and amazing wine vrbnička žlahtina.

10 times more exciting

Don’t just read about curious facts about Krk, go out there and explore them in detail for an exhilarating holiday on the golden island!
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