Krk and Kvarner

From the Adriatic sea up to the mountains, from forests to towns, from serenity to the wilderness, from creation to the adventure, the Kvarner is a place where a person meets all the widths of their spirit.
Wherever you are, or whatever you combine for your stay, you have the opportunity to fully create its contents. Walk, swim, sail, hike - whatever you want, the nature of the Kvarner provides you with the opportunity to truly enjoy!

Among of the  1185 islands in Croatia, one is made of gold, the Insula Aurea- or the island of Krk. It is located in the center of the Kvarner Bay in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, and it has been recognized as one of the most attractive tourist destinations.

Mild Mediterranean climate, favorable geographic location and a diversity in the  natural and cultural beauty have named it as a "golden island"  as far back as ancient times. It has an unusually diverse landscape ,  rising up from the northwest to the southeast - from tame picturesque bays across the fertile valleys and dense forests with the sub-Mediterranean vegetation to bare karst areas and the true mountain landscape.

Arriving on the island of Krk, you will see that the golden island is characterized by its unity in diversity - a combination of the present and the past, the modern and the archaic, the legends and the reality. Since the ancient times, it has been believed that the island of Krk is connected with the  number seven: the Croats settled there in the seventh century, it was successfully defended from the pirates seven times, the seventh and last duke Frankopan was the last prince of Krk.

Today the island of Krk has seven centers. Discover our island - get to know its charms and wealth at any time of the year: cruise through its beautiful and various landscapes, familiarize yourself with the historical and cultural heritage and visit centuries-old monuments, museums and galleries. Breathe in your health  by walking along the romantic walkways along the beach or the shepherd's wild rocky trails. Enjoy the many sandy beaches and, of course, the unavoidable flavors of the Krk cuisine and local wines. Use your stay for the pleasures that the whole island provides for  you, in the fullness of its rich and diverse accommodation, travel and catering services.
The island of Krk has  beautiful sandy and rocky beaches. Find out more about the beaches on the island of Krk.

Info desk Njivice

At the receptions of our hotels and campsites you can find the INFO desk Njivice. This is where you can find the details on the various events and happenings on the island of Krk and its surroundings. You can also book day trips, rent a car or a scooter or book quad safari tour around the island of Krk there.
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