Top Beaches on Krk Island for Every Traveller

Crystal clear sea, a lovely spot to rest in the shade and sunbathe on the sand, pebbles or rocks, busy with activities or less so... Life is just fabulous on a beach! So, find your winner matching your preferences and needs among the numerous lovely beaches on the golden island of Krk:

The best family beaches 

Prepared all the equipment you need for a cosy day on a beach? Got all the toys and refreshments ready? Then all you have to do is pick the right beach for your family easily reachable by car. 
Take your family to a quiet sheltered Potovošće beach near Vrbnik. The pebbly beach with sandy seabed is surrounded by fragrant greenery and provides rental of sun umbrellas and loungers as well as a bar for refreshments. 
Popular choices for families in the western part of the island include Glavotok and Vela Riva beaches. The former is a pebbly beach where children love to freely splash, snorkel and play on the shore, while the latter is situated in Čavlena Bay and is known for its thick Mediterranean greenery providing abundant shade. 
Should you like to treat your family to additional fun activities, playgrounds on land, slides and water attractions, consider beaches such as the one at Njivice Camp.

Popular pet-friendly beaches 

Plan fun beach days for your furry friend(s)! Have your pets join you on a beach and get their share of summer fun as well. Staying in Njivice, you get to choose between a lovely pebbly beach at Njivice Camp in addition to Kijac beach, both of which also provide plenty of natural shade. 
When exploring the northwestern part of the island, take your pets to the pebbly Mala javna beach in a picturesque cove in Vrbnik, Sv. Petar cove near Čižići in Soline Bay or Punta Šilo beach. Be sure to bring your pets along on your tour of Krk towns as well, because they all offer your pet a spot for refreshment - Redagara in Krk town, Vela plaža in Baška and Mala krasa in Punat. 

Favourite options for sailing fans

Crystal clear sea and a stunning small beach all to yourself in a hidden cove - it’s a dream come true for every fan of sailing! So, set sail and let your boat take you to the amazing gems around the island. Just make sure not to leave anything behind following the guidelines of the eco project Blue Bag.
The most well-known options include Velo čelo (also called Golden Bay) with a dramatic cliff in the background, situated between Stara Baška and Punat; pebbly and sandy Oprna near Star Baška, Vela Luka or Mala luka not far from Baška. The last three of those can be accessed by land as well, but a somewhat challenging hike is required. 
The north-western part of the island also offers a number of smaller beaches that represent a great place to stop while sailing. So, find romance on Murvenica or Petrina beaches in Šilo or discover your piece of paradise in Magneli or Komoštrin coves near Glavotok. The latter are also a favourite choice for naturists in addition to beaches in Punat, Malinska, Omišalj, Njivice, Baška, Krk town. 

Your ‘golden’ beach on Krk

Pebbly, sandy or rocky, busy or quiet and secluded, all in breathtaking landscape… Krk has it all! So, just think about what you look for in a perfect beach and be sure to find it on this amazing island!
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