Top 10 reasons to visit Krk island

Breathtaking and diverse landscape. Rich cultural-historical heritage. Exciting places to explore and moments to experience. It’s the extraordinary island of Krk and here are ten reasons more why Krk is the ideal holiday destination.

1. Glagolitic script

Glagolitic script was used in written monuments and documents in Croatia until the 19th century. Krk is exceptionally rich in glagolitic monuments such as the 11th century Baška tablet found in Jurandvor or others found in Glavotok Franciscan monastery and elsewhere on the island. For a unique holiday experience, visitors can learn more about the script at summer schools of Glagolitsa.

2. Fulfinum/Mirine

Not far from Omišalj, visitors can explore the ancient Roman town Fulfinum from the 1st century together with the 5th century early Christian complex Mirine. To fully understand life as it once was, the annual Days of Antiquity held mid July take the visitors back to the time of gladiators, antique crafts and cuisine, Roman-style clothing and music.

3. The Frankopans

From the 12th to the 17th century the Frankopans were influential Croatian noblemen whose rule spread from Krk onto the mainland. To follow their trail, go on a route of discovery from their first possession Gradec (near Vrbnik), Krk town castle and Košljun monastery to other locations on the mainland. To get a glimpse of life at the time of the Frankopans, visit the famous Krk town fair Lovrečeva or other events dedicated to them.

4. Excellent food and drinks

Widely known for excellent dining and wine, Krk celebrates its cuisine all summer long with various festivals such as Popi’ i pojedi in Vrbnik. So, sip the famous native wine at Žlahtina Festival beginning of July, enjoy fantastic meals with traditional pasta at Šurlice Days mid July and say cheers! to Krk Island Wine Days end of August.

5. Ice cream festival

Summer’s most favourite dessert has its very own festival in Njivice. With creative workshops, animation for children, evening concerts, not to mention endless number of delicious ice cream flavours and desserts Njivice’s ice cream festival is absolutely irresistible.

6. Beaches

From pure untouched nature to a great variety of services and activities available for a carefree stay, for families, naturists and dog owners- beaches on Krk island cater to all tastes. To name just a few, Vela plaža in Baška or Njivice camp beach are among Krk’s favourites.

7. Aquariums and a Terrarium

Get to know numerous and fascinating species of underwater world in three aquariums on the island, two in Krk town and one in Baška. Fans of exotic animals will also love the Terrarium in Krk.

8. Flora and fauna

Thanks to diverse geographical features and pleasant climate, Krk island is home to a variety of species of animals and plants, some of which are endemic and endangered. Locations famous for its fascinating flora and fauna include ornithological reserves the Lake near Njivice and Ponikve lake, as well as Biserujka Cave near Omišalj.

9. Sports

With an extensive network of bike trails, Krk is an absolute paradise for cycling fans. For extra adrenaline, cyclists can also master mountain bike techniques in the technical camp at Njivice Resort, which hosts the race of discovery through beautiful landscape - Adria Spring Trail as well. Breathtaking views and adventure visitors can also expect with zipline near Baška. Why not also dive in the wonderful underwater world? For example, Underwater Park in Punat is open all year round and in May they organize a photo marathon.

10. Culture and music

Tradition and contemporary arts intertwine for an exciting events calendar on Krk island. Theatre enthusiasts will love the Festival of Folk Theatre in Omišalj on June 18-23, while classical music will bring to life Mirine complex throughout July. A different kind of music with DJ Luca Montecchi will get the party started at Omišalj’s Craft Beer Fest on August 6. Mid August in Omišalj is reserved for Stomorina, a traditional feast of religious character accompanied by a rich entertainment program. A week later Fulfinum-Mirine set an amazing scene for music documentaries during Solo Positivo Film Festival Winners Week.

And more…

Think of Krk as a map of treasure full of nature gems, cultural-historical jewels and a chest of exciting sport and entertaining events just waiting to be discovered. So, go on the treasure quest on Croatia’s ‘golden island’ for an amazing holiday experience!

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