TOP 5 Beautiful beaches on island Krk

Certainly you're interested what all beach hides the beautiful island of Krk. Briefly we bring you the most interesting informations about the top 5 beaches on the island.

Beach "Vela plaža", Baška

This beautiful beach has become a distinctive symbol of the island of Krk and in general holiday on the Adriatic coast. It is a favorite at swimmers of all ages and especially for families with children.
The beach is located in Baška and close to the sandy beach there are various sports and catering facilities, hotels and various cultural sights.
"Vela plaža" is a natural pebbly beach, 1800 m long, which can take several thousand swimmers. It is especially suitable for children and non-swimmers.


Beach Oprna, Stara Baška

Near the place of Stara Baška is one of the most beautiful and most remote beaches on the island - Oprna.
It is located in the beautiful bay, and the sea is all year round crystal clear and enticing swimmers.
Stara Baška is a place on the south side of the island which is accessed by local road from the town of Punat. The place is situated below the steep slopes, and the road there is quite curved and narrow. Through Stara Baška, passing by the sea, while the coast is very inaccessible. Beach Oprna is before the Stara Baška from the right side. The only way to get to the beach on the mainland side is narrow and quite bumpy paths. A much better way is from the sea by boat.
Until 10 to 15 years has not been very popular because of the inability to come to it from the main road by car. Now that has changed and there are several paths that lead from the main road to the beach so that in summer the road is cluttered with parked cars and the beach is full of tourists.

Beach Portapisana, Krk

Beach Portapisana is the oldest beach in the town of Krk.
It is situated near the eastern city gates and leaves a lasting impression with the old city walls. The beach is mostly covered with fine sand, while below the sand is a gravel section.
On one side of the beach is a concrete beach while on the other beach side is the playground.
The beach has a restaurant and a playground for volleyball.

Beach Meline, Soline

Meline Beach is a large bay located on the northeastern side of the island.
The entire bay is an average depth of 3 meters. It is known that there is a healing mud. 
The beach is very shallow, and it is possible to walk into the sea and more than 50 meters from the coast.
Because of the shallow water, water temperature is 2-3 degrees higher than at other beaches on the island.


Beach in Camp Njivice

Camp Njivice is proud of its magnificent beach.
Arranged a few years ago, is the ideal place for a family vacation and families with children.
Along the entire coastal area of the camp stretches bathing zones. Part of the beach is pebbly, but for those who prefer the rocky parts or intimate sunbathing on the rocks, there is a part of the beach for them!
If you want to hide from the sun, near the sea begins forest of the camp Njivice which makes ideal shade for respite from the sun.
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