Top 7 Reasons to Choose Krk Over Hawaii

Crystal clear water in mesmerising shades of blue as far as the eye can see. Peace and tranquility of a perfect holiday, interrupted only by a soothing sound of waves reaching the shore. It’s the ideal moment to say ‘Aloha, Hawaii’, or maybe it should be ‘Aloha, Krk’ instead. Both destinations involve an island and are a favourite holiday spot, but their differences go beyond the fact that they are located on opposite sides of the world. So, why should you opt for Krk rather than Hawaii?

1. Simple vs never-ending arrival

Take a road trip and you’ll still reach Krk without too much stress. Fly to Krk airport from many European destinations, and within an hour or two, you’re on a beach. Or find a flight to Hawaii from Europe, which involves a transfer, or two, takes at least 15h, costs a lot, and hope for the scenery to cure your jet lag soon enough before you head back.

2. Take a deep breath … or not

A breath of fresh air, away from everyday stress. Nothing really beats taking a deep breath with a view of Kvarner Bay or the Pacific Ocean for that matter. Unless a volcanic fog on a Hawaiian island spoils your (holi)day.

3. The night is still young… or younger

Aaaah, the sight of the sun disappearing below the horizon is just as lovely on Krk as on Hawaii. The only difference is that on Hawaii your day comes to a close much earlier, as the sun sets around 6 or 7 p.m., when on Krk there are three more hours of daylight to enjoy.  

4. Deliciousness is in the mouth of the beholder

Mmmmm, irresistible taste of local food. Krk has šurlice, lamb meat, seafood specialties, exquisite olive oil, vrbnička žlahtina wine. Hawaii treats you to laulau pork, chicken long rice, lomi lomi salmon. It is also the shrimp breeding capital, but Kvarner shrimps are still the best in the world.

5. Dive in … safely

Explore the exciting diving spots which include reefs, caves and shipwrecks and the amazing underwater world around Krk. Snorkelling and diving are also favourite pastimes on Hawaii, with the only difference that a list of precautions is longer and includes a possibility of shark encounter.

6. Sun, sunscreen and shade

Beautiful colour of the sea perfectly matched with the Mediterranean greenery and ideal shade. That’s Krk. Sea, endless sand and a palm tree every here and there. That’s Hawaii. Just remember to watch out for those coconuts above and to put plenty of sunscreen to defend yourself from the equator sun!

7. Paradise for families … or surfers

Pacific, but by no means calm. Situated in midst of the ocean, Hawaii is famous for its huge waves, which are heaven for surfers. But you can’t really know what to expect until there. Krk, on the other hand, offers families a variety of beaches to choose from, where their children can play carefree on the shore.

Hello Krk, Aloha Hawaii

Breathtaking scenery, exceptional culture, take-it-easy lifestyle. Both destinations have their unique irresistible features, but you deserve a golden experience! So, go for it … on Croatia’s golden island!

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