Top Gastronomic Delights on Krk Island

If the right way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, then the island of Krk will knock you off your feet! With excellent seafood and meat dishes, authentic side dishes, locally grown olive oil and wine, Krk cuisine offers you a number of exquisite gastronomic delights your taste buds will greatly appreciate:

The world’s best scampi

Indulge in the delicious taste of Kvarner scampi, known as the finest in the world! Have them served grilled, a la buzara (in tomato and wine sauce) or with authentic Krk island pasta, šurlice, for the rich flavour of the Adriatic Sea.

 The one and only Krk pasta - šurlice

It takes patience, experience, it takes Krk for a very special pasta type called šurlice! Calling to mind a mini trunk of an elephant (Cro. šurlica - ‘a small trunk’), šurlice perfectly complement a variety of dishes - wild asparagus and Krk prosciutto, scampi and other types of seafood, the meat of the finest quality, particularly the lamb.

Exceptional lamb meat

A real treat for all gourmets, Krk lamb meat reflects natural features of the island. Since the animals graze on native plants, the meat has a very distinct, aromatic flavour. For a truly memorable meal, try Krk lamb peka (peka refers to the metal dish with a bell-shaped lid used for slow cooking of lamb meat or veal as well as seafood such as octopus) or don’t miss the extra Krk touch with šurlice in lamb žgvacet or goulash stews.

Krk cheese and prosciutto

Grab a few bites of delicious authentic cheese and prosciutto over a glass of wine! All of it from Krk. The light soft Krk prosciutto, the first Croatian product protected for its origin at the EU level, goes well with high-quality Krk cheese made from sheep’s milk. Taken with a few drops of locally produced olive oil, these delicacies are true representatives of irresistible Krk flavours.

Excellent Krk wine

Raise your glass and toast to the amazing wine of Krk - Vrbnička Žlahtina! Grown only on the island, particularly near the town of Vrbnik, it completes amazing traditional meals of the island.

Delicious desserts

Sweeten your stay on Krk with a few irresistible desserts! Whether you delight in various treats made with the fig, one of the most popular fruits on the Adriatic coast, or the presnac pie with Krk cheese, these desserts add a very special touch to your gastronomic journey on Krk.

Celebrating Krk cuisine all year long

The right time for a great meal on Krk is all the time! However, if you happen to be on the island during one of the many food festivals such as Krk Food Fest, Popi’ i pojedi, Fig Days or at traditional events such as Fishermen’s Nights, don’t miss the opportunity to try amazing flavours of the island.

Excellent flavours for a memorable holiday

Try the exquisite taste of the Adriatic Sea, premium meat and locally grown produce and side dishes. Delight in delicious gastronomic delights of Krk island, share them with your family and friends for holiday moments to remember.

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